by Landline | September 24, 2019

Landline partners with Sun Country airlines

Landline is excited to announce the formation of a partnership with Minnesota based Sun Country Airlines. Landline’s bus network connects passengers from regional airports across Minnesota to Sun Country’s hub at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. The service will launch in November with connections to Duluth and Mankato.

“We are excited to partner with Landline to make our low fares and comfortable onboard experience available to more Minnesotans,” says Jude Bricker, CEO of Sun Country, “Our mission is to affordably connect our guests to their favorite people, places, and memories, and this partnership is another way for us to do that. We look forward to making our service more accessible to Duluth and Mankato.”

Seamless connections

Landline bridges the gap between air and ground transportation by providing airlines and their passengers with seamless connections to its network of premium motor coaches. By directly integrating with airline reservation systems, Landline can offer its bus segments as part of airline bookings. Once live, Landline-to-airline connections can be booked through either the airline’s website or major Global Distribution Systems. Landline targets regional communities between 50 and 300 miles from a major hub where affordable air travel options have become unavailable or scarce in the last decade.

“We are proud to announce this partnership with Sun Country. Both of our teams share a common mission to make it easier for customers to connect to the people and places they love. We are excited to work together to extend our joint capabilities to communities where we know that people have been left to choose between high cost, inefficient options,” says Landline CEO, David Sunde. “Landline is here to make regional air travel – which has become prohibitively expensive – more affordable, more comfortable, and more efficient.”

Landline operates motor coaches with free wi-fi, reclining leather seats, and an on-board snack and beverage service. Sun Country passengers who wish to check luggage will be able to do so when they check in with Landline.

Affordable and efficient travel

Greg Bettinelli of Upfront Ventures led Landline’s initial seed fundraising in the fall of 2018, with participation from Mucker Capital and Matchstick Ventures.

“We view Landline as the first modern transportation company focused on closing the gap between air and ground travel. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, working with airlines and regulators to put underutilized travel infrastructure back into play to provide more affordable and efficient options for consumers,” says Bettinelli. “This partnership with Sun Country is the first step in making completely seamless multi-modal travel a reality.”

Customers can try Landline’s premium bus service today from Duluth, Minneapolis, and Mankato by visiting Details about the partnership are available at Airline Partnerships .