by Landline | March 5, 2019

Landline redefines regional transportation model with seamless bus-to-air travel

Landline recently launched their new transportation model in Mankato and Duluth, MN. This unique service helps connect local travelers to the Minnesapolis-St. Paul (MSP) airport by providing friendly, reliable, low-fare bus-to-air transportation. Landline makes airline travel more convenient in places that carriers no longer serve or where the number of airline seats have gone down and prices have gone up. The communities Landline serve will be positioned for the future’s more sustainable model of travel – hubs that integrate air and ground transportation.

Compared to other bus or shuttle options, or even driving to MSP, Landline is an affordable and easy way to connect to air travel. Landline offers nonstop service, onboard amenities and regional airport check in, there is no other ground transportation option that provides travelers more comfort and convenience.

Landline also offers a positive economic impact on the regional airports it operates in by creating new revenue streams. The company wil develop underutilized infrastructure at regional airports and bring in revenue through Landline’s rent, and the potential for increased concessions. With the increase in passenger data, regional communities also stand to attract more airlines and increase fare competition.

Co- Founders David Sunde and Ben Munson identified Minnesota as the ideal location to launch their business based on their study of enplanement trends at regional airports across the country. “We found the presence of a low-cost option at the airport grows the market for everybody,” said Sunde. “I believe Landline wil prompt more people to use the Duluth and Mankato airports beyond our services.”

Landline is now booking in Duluth for travel beginning June 4, 2019 with service to and from MSP airport to terminals 1 and 2. Mankato travel begins June 6,2019. Travelers can select the departure/arrival time, standard or fully refundable fare, and seat location within the booking too. One-way tickets begin at $9.

About Landline

Landline is an independently owned transportation company that provides nonstop bus service from outstate cities to hub airports, making travel more accessible to more people. #ridelandline